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May 23, 2006

The lack of content.

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I'm sure you've all noticed that there hasn't been a whole lot of activity around here as of late.  However,the end of the school year is drawing ever closer, and that can only mean one thing…exams.  Luckily, I'm out of school for summer on June 8th, which means I'll have more free time on my hands than I know what do with.  Also luckily, when I'm bored, I hone my cooking skills.  So, you'll hopefully be seeing a lot of recipes on here starting in the beginning of next month.  As for the rest of May, there will be even less happening then normal.  

*waits for everybody to start yelling and rioting*

Oh, wait, no one reads this anyway.  Oh well. 


March 24, 2006

The Amateur Food Nerd

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My name is Alex, and I created this blog because I love food. I love eating out, snacking, eating candy. Most of the time I'm adventurous and like to try new things. As you can probably tell by the title, this is another review blog. I will be posting reviews of new and old food products, restaurants and even some candy. I drew most of my inspiration from reading Marvo's The Impulsive Buy ( and Cybele's Candy Blog ( I probably won't be posting reviews every day, but we'll see. I hope we can all enjoy what is to come


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