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May 10, 2006


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Jujubes have got to be some of the stranger candies out there. They're little fruity…things. There's no real other way to describe them. The candies are tapered but round at both ends. They also have an odd texture, as they are thickened with potato starch, which, when mixed with water makes an extremely sticky goo. Personally, I think Jujubes are impossible to chew. You can try, but all you wind up with is a couple pieces of it stuck to your teeth. The only way to eat them is to try and chew them, then get them off your teeth and swallow them. Jujubes come in five flavors: Lemon, Orange, Lime, Cherry, and Violet.

Here, I will now look at each of the flavors in depth.

Yellow (Lemon)-Normally, lemon would be my least favorite flavor, but not in this case (more on that later.) It's a pretty good lemon flavor; sweet with a nice bitter hit. However, lemon just isn't my thing.

Orange-Orange, how you have failed me. You're horrible. There is no orange flavor here at all. I was gravely dissapointed. It seemed to have sucked up some of the lilac favor, but otherwise it just tastes sweet. Ew.

Green (Lime)-As with most old-time candies, the lime is pretty bad. It's your archetypical "floor-cleaner lime" (as Cybele would say) flavor. I must admit though, it still beats orange.

Red (Cherry)-I've always been a big fan of cherry flavored candy. This was a good, old-fashioned cherry flavor. I liked it.

Purple (Violet)-To me, this is the only reason why I would want to buy Jujubes. I am a huge fan of violet candy. This doesn't quite pack the violet punch that say, Chowards violet mints or gum would, but it's still pretty good. If I had to pick one Jujube flavor for the rest of my life, this would be it.

All in all, these weren't exceptionally bad (except for the orange), but they weren't exceptionally good either. I would only recommend these if you already like them or if you're looking for it as a childhood favorite (they've been around since the '20s or '30s.)

Rating: 5/10

Place Purchased: Longs Drugs (Livermore)

Price: $1.29

(Editor's Note: We're trying to make a few changes here at The Amateur Food Nerd. You may notice that we've changed the layout. The whole banana thing was getting annoying, and this new one is just a temporary until I make my own. You also may have noticed the inclusion of AN ACTUAL PICTURE with today's review. This is a trend we intend to continue. Lastly, reviews will hopefully be happening more frequently. We have two reviews lined up for this week and one for next Monday. A big thanks to all four of you who have read and commented!)


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