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April 21, 2006

Coca-Cola Blak

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The general reaction to Coke Blak has been a simple "Ew, coffee and Coke? Gross!" At first upon learning of the new Coke product, my reaction was the same. However, after thinking about it longer, I decided "Eh, it might be pretty good and maybe it will get me to update my blog." So, I set out on a mission to find the coveted Coke Blak. My first try was at the closest grocery store to my house, Safeway. Sadly, after combing the aisles in desparation, they only had the outrageously priced four-pack.

Next, I went to Nob Hill, a chain owned by Raley's that is fairly common in the Bay Area I call home. I looked to their soda section, and there it was, standing out like a brown beacon rising up from a sea of "regular" soda.

I waited until today to try it, because it was too late for caffeine by the time I bought it yesterday. At first, I was a little scared. I like the smell of coffee, but no amount of cream nor sugar can make it drinkable for me. Too strong and bitter! So, I prepared myself, then opened up the bottle and took a whiff. The smell almost killed me. It was pungent and sickeningly sweet. So far, this wasn't looking good. Reluctantly, I took a sip. It didn't seem to taste that bad. In fact, it was surprisingly good! Regretfully, it didn't last long. A few sips later and I couldn't take it anymore. It was cloyingly sweet. I couldn't see how the mere 12 grams of sugar in the bottle could make it so sweet, but it did. Also, the aftertaste is horrible. It's reminiscent of a very strong fake maple flavoring, like the "Old-Fashioned Pancake Syrup" at IHOP on steroids. I guess I should also note that I have a strong distaste for maple flavor, be it real or fake.

All in all, I only recommend this if you're in to coffee. It would probably help. Also, watch out for the super-sweetness. It's viscious. As for me, I'm out a buck and a half and have 3/4 of a bottle of Coca-Cola Krap left on my hands. Any takers?

Overall Rating: 4/10 (would be better if less sweet)

Purchased: Nob Hill (Livermore)

Price: I forget, but probably somewhere between $1.50 and $2.00


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